He’s Not The Leader of The Fianna, He’s a Very Naughty Boy…

Monday August 13th 2012

Two weeks have passed since that first exciting day when we received our scripts and things are well and truly underway.  Our gang of eleven have become recognised residents at the Gaiety School of Acting on Essex Street West.  All of the Reception staff have grown accustomed to our strange requests, whether it’s simply to borrow a pen or, eh, some duct tape – don’t ask!  I think now is as fitting a time as any to give a mega shout out to them – you’ve all been super lovely and helpful, thank you for your patience and kindness.  Of course, I can’t pass this point without paying tribute to our darling Aoife Whelan who departed her Reception post in recent weeks – Aoife, our little petal, you’ll be dearly missed.  Very special thanks are owed to you for the mega support over the last few years, so…Thank You!!!

I’m happy to report that rehearsals are going swimmingly – athankyaw, athankyaw vey mush.  We have – or, at least, we’d like to think we have – become quite the functional little theatre company, IF we do say so ourselves!  We now have a specially appointed Producer and Director and, along with them, a heck of a lot more organisation.  Our lovely Producer is Siobhan McDonald and Ciara Breen is at the helm as our Director.  I think the rest of the gang will agree with me when I say that this could be the beginning of a beautiful…um, producer-director-ship.  Ahem.  Yeah, that sounded better in my head.  <cough>  Moving swiftly on…

In an attempt to give you all a little more insight into this here production of ours I figured what better a way to do so than to introduce you to the faces behind it.  So let’s kick things off this week by introducing you to none other than the leader of the Fianna, Fionn MacCumhaill – AKA Mr Niall Dempsey.

Niall Dempsey has been involved in the Dramatic Arts and Musical Theatre for over twenty years.  During this time, he has played a wide variety of roles in musicals and plays alike.  He has appeared as Heir Flick in ‘Allo ‘Allo, as Gerry Evans in Dancing At Lughnasa and as Pato Dooley in The Beauty Queen of Leenane.  Like the rest of us involved in this year’s original Spitrit of Folk production (The Return of The Fianna by Dave Phillips, for those of you who haven’t been paying attention!) Niall has recently completed the GSA’s Advanced Performance Year under the warm wing and watchful eye of Mr Donal Courtney.  Another maaaaaaajor muchos gracias is well overdue to you Mr C but we’ll get back to that again.  For now, in Niall’s own words, he is “delighted to be working again with fellow classmates in this year’s Spirit of Folk festival”.  Right back at ya, Nially me oul flower, right back at ya.  =)

Well, much and all as I’d like to stay chatting all day, I must take me my leave and bid you all farewell, for now at least.  But please, don’t be too sad.  Try to channel your upset in to something positive like, say, paying a visit to the Spirit of Folk 2012 website and picking up your weekend ticket, if you haven’t already done.  And, heck if you have yours already, why not log on anyway and spread the word to your friends about this beaut of an end-of-Summer festival.  I’m just saying – if there’s a better way to spend September 21st through 23rd – I haven’t heard it!

Until next time… =)


Amanda Darling for GSA & Spirit of Folk 2012