Ever wanted to start a Drama course but been too shy? Or perhaps you’re just looking for an outgoing and interesting extracurricular activity for your evenings? At the Gaiety School of Acting our motto is ‘Confidence and Creativity’. This summer, We are delighted to have Top Irish Model Rozanna Purcell join us for our Adult Summer Drama. Interested in developing her performance skills and basically have a bit of fun, Rozanna has kindly agreed to chronicle her experiences of one of our Introduction to Drama courses. So over the next few weeks come join Roz on her journey with us! So if your teetering on the edge of ‘will I, won’t I’, why not have a read of her blog and see what you think! We are running another Adult Summer Drama Course from 2 September if it takes your fancy!

Day 1: Arriving at the Gaiety School of Acting, I was a little nervous and anxious for what was to come! Oh God, would they make me recite Shakespeare, or Sing? Or pretend I’m a tree? These prospects all seemed a bit overwhelming for me! However I instantly felt comfortable as I walked in the door and was greeted by the other adult students in my class, who all feared the same scenarios! Students of all ages and back rounds, from the mostly unlikely person to find in an acting class to your most typical! I wasn’t sure where I fitted in but i guess I would soon find out! My class is the perfect size, not too big to get lost but big enough to feel safe, 15 in class! The first class was based on learning names and focus exercises. The games are quite similar to what happened in drama classes in school days however it’s much different when you are surrounded by people of all ages and whom you have never met before! Your comfort zone was left out the window but it feels like a safe space to do so! I suppose the significance of the first class was I learned the reason for these exercises and how useful they are in getting your creative juices flowing so to speak, learning names, holding information and focusing! We also incorporated the importance of stage positioning and expression, through creating frozen pictures of a story we had told. By the end of the class i found myself on the ground pretending I was a horse, not just any horse but a very angry horse and mind you I was a pretty darn good one! At the end of class I felt like i had already accomplished so much, they had me singing, acting, I felt like I knew everyone much longer than a few hours, and was extremely comfortable and excited for the new classes ahead!


Day 2: So I was ready for anything! We all knew each other much better and as a group very comfortable with one another! We began with similar exercises again, starting slow easing ourselves back into it, but once again by the end of the class I wanted to be on stage! It was amazing to see how the class progressed we started exercise warm ups, then in pairs we acted out different objects without speaking! Ending in groups, were we had to pick a fairytale we knew well, create a three phase picture, using what had learned from the class previous, its then you notice how much you have actually learned about stage positioning and importance of presence! We then switched tales between groups, but had to give our new tale a modern twist, getting us to use our creative thinking! I was even surprised with myself in this task and found I really enjoyed working in groups and brainstorming! To end we then back to our original story but with the other team’s modern slant and with a musical theme. So it was “the three little modern pig’s musical”… has a ring to it, no? This was an absolutely hilarious experience. After our performance i wanted to do it again! But class was over, it’s amazing how time flies when you’re having fun, I’m very excited for the next class and see my group again!:)

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