Attention all people interested in Improvisation!

Finding Your Flow in Improv with Rod Ben Zeev:


Snatch is very honoured and excited to bring Rod Ben Zeev to Ireland.

This is a unique opportunity for anybody interested in Improvisation

to learn from Rod Ben Zeev, acclaimed Improviser from Boom Chicago and

Improv Teacher all over the world. Here is a detail on the workshop

Rod will be giving at the end of August in Cork:


Finding Your Flow with Rod Ben Zeev:

Finding flow in life and on stage is difficult. When you have it, it’s

the most powerful feeling in the world, everything you say and do

works. But it’s not easy to reach. While it is possible to multi task,

your body language might be telling a different story and your actions

are no longer believable and congruent to what is spoken. Aside from

that, you are probably enjoying the yourself a lot less, questioning

your instincts and are working really hard to catch up.

In this workshop we learn how to connect the body language with the

spoken text using meditation. The meditational exercises are inspired

by NBA coach Phil Jackson’s meditational techniques which he uses

before basketball games. This workshop is open to anyone who has

experienced those “out of the moment” thoughts while performing in

front of an audience. If you’re looking for ways to improve on your

on-stage believability, this workshop is for you.


Rod Ben Zeev has been performing, directing and teaching improv for

over ten years on four continents in four languages to audiences aged

5 to 95. In 2002 he began a program at the Hyatt Classic Residence in

Chicago teaching and performing with senior citizens. The final show

was performed at the Chicago Improv Festival in 2003 and the program

keeps on running nationally in the US. In 2005 he travelled Europe

with Boom Chicago. He has performed multiple times in the

International Impro Festival in Amsterdam, Out of Bounds in Austin,

the San Francisco Improv Festival, the Boston Improv Festival,

Slapdash in London, and the first improv festival in Tampere Finland

where he met Snatch and tasted his first Guinness… from a can. He is

a regular guest performer with Three Falling and Four Square in Tel

Aviv. Aside from all this improv, he produces and hosts a successful

true storytelling night in Amsterdam at the Mezrab and has co-written

two television series: 65 episodes of a history show called Amazing

History broadcast in Italy and 18 episodes of a sitcom called Genia

592 (Generation 592) broadcast in Greece. He speaks neither Italian

nor Greek. Learn more about Rod here:


When?: Wednesday 29th of August from 6 to 9pm

Where?: Sample Studios, (Old Fás Building) Sullivan’s Quay, Cork

How much?: 35€ / 25€ concession (students, unemployed, OAP)

How to book? Please contact Damian at 087-779 5336 or puckpunch@gmail

to get details. Payment of the workshop will have to be done in

advance via bank deposit/transfer to secure your place.



AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT. And please forward this information to anyone

you think might be interested in this workshop.

All the best and see you there!

The Snatch Comedy Improv Team



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