‘Bad Man’

Alban is a boy in his early to mid 20s who is looking to find the
truth of why he was abandoned from the 2 people he should have loved
most. He finds his father far away from home and wants to get some
answers. When he meets the father who does not even know he ever had a
child, questions become more of accusation. We see a power change of
both men. Who will have the last word? A father who has had a vicious
power and control freak or the son, Alban, who all his life has had
one thing on his mind. Revenge.

We are looking for 2 lead actors:
Alban, Albanian speaking from the West-WSW of the country, of an
athletic build, age 23-26
Azem/Boss, Albanis an speaking from the West-WSW of the country, of an
average build, Age 45 – 55.

The shoot will take place over a weekend so 2 days of filming and 2 to
3 days of rehearsals.
There is no wage as such but benefits, food and travel expenses will
be covered.

The project is part of a bigger one and this will decide if the
project will go any further and full budget where every one will

Arber Sule, Director, Producer, Writer.
arbers22@gmail com