Talented actors (male or female) out there for a short film production, ready to shoot as soon as possible.

Actors must be:
– Over 18
-Efficient at Physical acting (if your good at mime or dance, your ideal)
-Of average build
-Reliable, Enthusiastic and Imaginative.
Specifically we are looking for actors that are small, we’re also looking for actors that are tall.

But it isn’t a requirement, so people of average height are still able to apply for the role.

The film would be between 3-4 days long shooting.
– 2-3 Days shooting in Dublin
– 1 day in Co. Wexford

SHORT FILM TITLE: The Smile Transplant

SYNOPSIS: Set in a world where people are forced to eternally smile. Eric brainwashes his blind nephew Monty into believing he’s living in a fantasy land. Nevertheless when Monty regains his sight, he becomes unable to smile and is forced to get an operation known as a smile
transplant. The film is influenced by films such as Eraserhead and The
Stepford Wives (the original, not the remake).

The way the film is being executed, is that all the characters within the film wear masks and speak no dialogue. So the role of the actor is to tell the story through body language and physicality.

If an actor is successful in nabbing a role, it would be unpaid work. Nevertheless it could well lead to paid work for future productions.
But at the very least transport costs will be provided for on this film.

An average working day would be between 10:00am-6:30pm. But it is possible on one of the filming days that we would film later than 6:30pm.

If interested in auditioning or need more info, please contact 085 7665899 or email: dylanimagination@gmail.com as soon as you possibly can!!!!

We’re aching to get filming soon! Also if you have a CV of any acting experience please send it on. Or if you have a show reel up online we’d love to see it.