A NEW Music/Social/ TV show for Kids run by Kids is looking for presenters.
We are hoping to film a pilot for RTE and are currently looking for a presenters aged between 13-17. The idea of the show is simple.
The daily show will cover current social issues, interview rock stars and talk about everything going like who is doing what where and why.
It is a very exciting opportunity for over 14 and under 18 year old who want to be part of the coolest Kids for Kids show on TV.
Listed below are the details and entry requirements.
What are we looking for?
3 main presenters and 9 scenesters with enthusiasm about Music, Arts, Events, a good understanding about current social issues and who are superb at just being them selves.

How to apply?
Answer these quick questions:

Where are you from?
What are you most passionate about ?
What is the biggest social issue going on in your age group?
Who is your favorite band/music or movie ( pick 1) and why?
Get someone to video your self being yourself with the answers. You can use a phone camera, new or old camera.
The quality is not important we just want to to see you being you.

Send video or link to keyofsummer@gmail.com subject : I want to be on TV !