My name is Conor O’Brien and I am a final year Media Studies student at NUI Maynooth. As part of our final year grade, some colleagues and I are shooting a short fiction film, and are currently looking for actors in their mid – late twenties (three female, one male) to feature in our project. I was hoping you could please circulate this email to any of your actosr who might be interested. The four characters in the piece are;

John – a married man concerned about the deteriorating state of his relationshipo with his alcoholic wife, Sarah. John works as a driver for high – class escorts, having a raport with one in particular, Lucy.

Lucy – Lucy is a beautiful escort who John chauffeurs to and from her various clients, and as a result the two have developed a good understanding of each other. She harbours a pessimistic view of love and relationships, contrasted by John’s unshakable affection for his alcoholic wife, Sarah.

Sarah – John’s wife, who has drifted into alcoholism as a result of losing her job and suffering a miscarriage. She is unaware of what John does to support them.

Sharon – Sarah’s concerned older sister.

I would like to stress that we are in no position to pay actors for their services, but any participants are more than welcome to use the project in their portfolio if they wish.

Auditions will be held on Tuesday 27th of March and filming will take place on Friday 6th of April, both in Maynooth.

Any actors who are interested should contact me at and I will send them a sample of the script and arrange an audition.

Thank you very much for your time.


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