Changing Times Theatre Company


Same Old Moon

By Geraldine Aron


March 14th to 17th
Tickets from €12
Booking on (061) 319866

This very funny and moving play, follows the life of aspiring writer Brenda Barnes, from childhood to her early forties. Through her eyes, we see her eccentric and fiery Irish family – her wilful and self-destructive Dad, her put-upon and sometimes hot-tempered Mum, and many other characters that have influenced her life. It is a charming, but not uncritical, look at family life – they just wish she would write something funny, and not wash her family’s dirty linen in public! Hilarious scrapes erupt when Brenda’s imagination and intelligence bump against the restrictions of Irish and English customs and society, and through her journey, she learns about attitudes to race, sex and love – sometimes the hard way. It’s a play littered with comedy and poignancy throughout, and promises to entertain.