Do you have a desire to act in front of a camera? If so now is your chance.
A group of media students in Griffith College Dublin are making a short film as part of their studies and the following character actors are required to audition for the described roles.
Please note there will be no remuneration involved as it is a student project.
The film is about Mary.  She has to pack up her childhood home after the death of her parents.
This house will remind her why she left her parents10 years ago: Her homosexuality which she could not be open about in front of her father.
Character 1 – Mary
Female, 20/25 years of age.
She has a strong mind.
She is in mourning for her parents.
She is beautiful but very straightforward.

Auditions will be held in a location to be advised on 31 March 2012.
Shooting will take place over two days sometime between 11 and 26 April 2012.
Please submit your application with a CV and a recent picture of you by email to the Director below.

Make sure to supply full name and contact details including email address and mobile telephone number.
Further information can be supplied on request.
Lydie Bosquet  Email:
Actors Required With or without previous experience