You are invited to The Friday Showing of:


Directed By Fernando Hunon Hernadez

Performed By Guillaume Cousson



Friday March 2nd at 6pm


The Theatre Development Centre,

Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin Street, Cork.

Admission is free.

Hope to see you there!

RIUCHI develops around a series of two short circus acts in which technology, movement and theatre meet to create an innovative stage performance.

The mix of techniques, skills, genre, technology and the perpetual use of rhythm breaks and misdirection offer compelling moments that renew the perception of what contemporary circus acts could become while being caught between juggling,dance and magic.

The main character, RIUCHI, himself fully represents the mix and uncertainty of the performance to happen. Its elusive silhouette puts him outside of time and frontiers, within a borderless imaginary space that he creates and destroys from one act to the other. The props used are unique and developed specifically for this show, creating lights and colors manipulation, in various imaginative ways.

The public won’t know what will happen next, while not being quiet sure of what just happened now.

RIUCHI is a multifaceted journey inspiring beauty, movement, surprise and poetic amazement.



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