Insanity Factory Theatre presents


Written and directed b Thomas Quain

Theatre @ 36

Parnell Square West

March 5th – 10th

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‘Not While There’s Work To Be Done’ is a new play set in the darkness of rural Connemara where James and his son Colm have left home to look for a stray mule. Tonight this seemingly simple task will prove to be anything but as their journey takes them unwittingly walking from Connemara to Sligo over the course of one night.

Along the way strange characters intent on diverting them from their path appear out of nowhere, Garda Tom Flanagan, on the hunt of a crazed murderer recently escaped from prison, Marianne O’Rourke a young woman out of time who wants nothing more than help to put out the fire on her house.

Nothing is as it seems for James and Colm as all this and much more threatens to overwhelm them in their quest to find this lost mule. Over the course of the night their odyssey will take them back into the heart of a superstitious old weird, rural Ireland struggling to comprehend the coming modernism.


Mark Coney

Adam Wallace

Andy Byrne

Niamh Alger



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