Gillian Reynolds Casting is looking for a new band catering for the preschool age group-involving acting-dance and singing. This is due to go into production in the Summer.

  • The age range is 17 and 22- both male and female.
  • We are looking for a multi cultural cross section of people.
  • Auditions will take place throughout the month of February.

They will be making demo’s once candidates are selected and intend to go into production in the summer of 2012.

Therefore anyone wanting to put themselves forward should be able to make a commitment for quite a lengthy period of time as this project will be ongoing.

For auditions you would be required to perform a prepared piece of your choice.

If you could introduce yourself-have a very short story or recite a nursery rhyme to tell-followed by a dance and song  and if you play a musical instrument that is portable then bring it along and incorporate it into your routine.

It might be good to have a sound track to play for the dance or song routine to add zest to the overallperformance.

The best way to play the audition is to imagine that we are looking at a mini trailer for the series- so it plays out continuously for 3 minutes. AN INTRO -Followed by maybe a song/Dance- followed by a nursery rhyme/short story.
See below some youtube clips to give an idea of the direction we are going in. However-we do want it to be more modern than the Wiggles.

We are looking for original entertainers with a passion for music and singing and with good rhythm and the ability to interact with children.

Please contact the agency directly for more information.

Please Email with any queries – HI-5 -HI-5 – the Wiggles – the Wiggles


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