Where has the time gone! It’s hard to believe that we are nearly half way through our second term of second year. It seemed like only yesterday when we were standing in acting class having our minute of silence and inspirational Monday’s with Maureen. The pace is picking up now and it’s getting harder to fit everything in. Prioritisation is the key skill this term. Its work, work, work from now on until the end of June.

Our first week started back with a bang with the Clowning workshop with the amazing Raymond Keane. I had half expected to be juggling and prancing around the place in some sort of clown costume so I was bracing myself for a very physically demanding first week but how wrong was I. It was certainly demanding but in a very emotional way. I thought I knew my classmates well after spending almost a year and half together but the first week brought us even closer as a group. What I learned from the week is the power of honesty and the truthfulness of just being and also how versatile a roll of tinfoil can be! Who knew that it could turn into a telescope, a ball and a baseball bat!

I’ve been working with my manifesto mentor on my Manifesto Showcase since before Christmas. The Gaiety can become a bit of a bubble so it’s been a great experience to have contact with the outside world and to have a fresh perspective.  It’s exciting to work with my mentor Mia. She’s given me lots to think about. I’m working through a few ideas at the moment and exploring. It’s great to have an outside eye to guide me in the right direction. It will be interesting to see how my piece develops over the next few weeks.

We’re three weeks into our Chekov classes. I didn’t know much about the Chekov technique before only that he was a student of Stanislavski. We’ve been doing a lot of contracting and expanding and psychological gestures, stepping into and out of characters. It’s a fascinating technique and much more physical than I thought. I’m finding it very useful for getting under the skin of characters and making intentions specific.  We’re currently working on monologues and scenes for our impending Chekov Showcase which will showcase all our hard work.

We had a trip to the Gaiety Theatre last week. It was exciting to gain access through the stage door and imagine what life would be like as a professional actor.  It was a great opportunity to try out speeches and test our voices out on the stage from all different directions. This is what all our voice work has been for! We’re also doing a lot of accent work from RP to Liverpool, Manchester and General American.

We’ve started working with Viko on Film work. It’s very different from theatre acting. It’s strange going from projecting and larger than life characters to subtle acting and that doing nothing is doing a lot for camera. I’m really looking forward to working on our film project over the next few weeks.

I think everyone in my class would agree that this term has been the most exhausting but it will be worth it in the end. It’s now that I feel that the solid foundation built up in first year and built on in second year is beginning to come to fruition. We only have a few more months left so I’m savouring every moment before entering the unknown and exciting world ahead!!