Curtaincall Productions, an amateur drama group based in Dublin city centre are seeking a female actress to play the role of ‘Maureen’ (25-35 years old) in our upcoming play ‘I do not like thee, Dr.Fell’ by Bernard Farrell in May 2012.

Auditons will be held this Thursday, 9th of February @ 8pm in the Flowing Tide Pub (Middle Abbey St, D1).
Actress will be asked to cold read on the night. Please note this is a non-paying role and rehearsals are already underway.

If you are interested in auditioning, please e-mail

Many thanks,
Curtaincall Productions

The play, a black comedy with strong elements of thriller and mystery is funny, gripping and highly entertaining. It centres around a group therapy session involving six people. There is Suzy, the group co-ordinator, who hails from the US whose remedy for any problem is to ‘relax, relate, communicate’. Roger, an intellectual snob, has dedicated his life to attending group therapy sessions around the world and thus knows the ‘modus operandi’. Peter, a builder, and his wife Maureen are there because Maureen is highly strung – according to Peter. Rita speaks of nothing else but her twelve cats and her husband who died three years previously. There’s the mysterious Joe – the Dr. Fell of the title. Just why he’s there is not initially obvious, but his presence and behaviour act as a catalyst, which turns the session into a roller coaster ride for the other participants. And then there’s Paddy, the group attendant, an outsider looking in who views the participants as weirdos.