We are currently casting for the short film “The rattle of Benghazi”, to be shot in Dublin the 27-28 of February next.
Written and directed by Paco Torres (The magic of hope, seventy and the coming Blue guitar), it is a beatiful story about the inocence of children and the barbarie of war.

Characters we are casting for are:

  • ADEL(PAID) (IT MEANS JUSTICE IN ARABIC) 8-11 years old, arabic boy, extroverted and full of life.
  • ADA PAID) (IT MEANS HAPPINESS IN ARABIC)5-7 years old, arabic girl, introverted looking, vulnerable and sweet face, special eyes full of magic.
  • LIBYAN MERCENARY (PAID) SOLDIER 30-35 years old : Libyan man, innocence looking face.
  • MALY SOLDIER (PAID) SOLDIER 18-20 years old:  Malian man, or west coast Africa, french speaking, cold character.
  • MALY SOLDIER (PAID) SOLDIER : In his twenties, Malina man or west coast Africa.french speaking, strong looking man.

We will be holding auditions in the next few days.

If you are interested in auditioning or know people that could suit the roles, please e-mail us at daveslvn@gmail.com, with your CV, headshot and any weblinks to showreel material online.

Please try restrcit the size to 2MB so that workflow is as manageable as possible.

We will be also seeking some extras, kids, woman and man al ages–Arabic looking, so if you are interested in this, please also let us know. Thank you.


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