Casting Director Mark Summers is casting a test commercial for an ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE on February 2.

Overall dates are February 7-9, three days for the lead and one day for all other parts.

If all goes well, the test will be re-filmed into a major campaign.


In this spot we see a man walk around the streets talking direct to camera.

The style of this spot is like is like the Virgin Media advert with Marc Warren or ‘Alfie’ movie).

It’s a great part for any actor as the whole thing is based around him and his performance to the camera.
Cast breakdown: Male lead, 30s-50, £400 per day x 3 days.

English accent, he is well cut, attractive, sexy, bit of a cheeky chap next door. He does not have to have supermodel looks but at the same time this is advertising and they need someone who women will fancy and men will like to hang out with. He must be an amazing actor as it’s all about his performance and there is a massive script for the actors to learn. The spot will start in his house and then about on the street. The actor will need to take his top off in one part of the story but does have not be ‘muscles from Brussels’.

They will email the sides to each actor before the casting session. The following parts will give a quick look to camera. They will be needed for one day at a rate of £200 per day:

Granny, 60-99, think blue rinse types …

Girlfriend, late 20s-early 30s, nice looking, gives him a quick kiss …

Astonished Nurse, 30s-40, not sexy, more character, slim-big …

Two x males, 30s-40s, snooty waiters, the sort you might see in a posh French restaurant …

Female, 40s-50, H&R uptight battle axe type.

Due to the number of suggestions they receive, all emails must have the subject line of ‘Electronic cigarette’ plus part name and a contact number must be on the email.

The casting director will be checking submissions via webmail, so please crop your photographs to a size at which they can be easily viewed.

Please send CVs and photographs to The deadline for submissions is today, Wednesday, February 1.