Curtis Hanbury, and in association with Lispopple Studios are looking for aspiring actors to fill 5 – 7 various roles. Work will be pro bono but would give the individuals the opportunity to work in a professional environment within an established studio.

One Female, aged anywhere between 21 – 30yrs old.

Two Males, aged between 19 – 22yrs clean cut, fresh faced.

Three Males, aged between 28 – 35yrs

One Male, (Lead Role) aged between 29 – 32yrs

Actors will be working with a first time director and an experienced crew.


John, a man just turned 30, lives with his pregnant girlfriend. To support his family he works a second job as a doorman but in doing so he “bounces” from one job to the other, all the time missing out on what he is working to support.

Curtis Hanbury