We are currently casting for an RTETWO entertainment series called ‘ICA Bootcamp.’ We are looking for young outgoing girls (18-30) who would be interested in taking part in the show.

The Irish Countrywomen’s Association has been a pioneering movement for women throughout it’s one hundred year history. However, the values it preached and the skills it taught fell out of favour during the boom. But, times have changed and this show wants to explore whether modern women have anything to learn from three old-school ICA mentors.

The show is designed to appeal to a young, twenty-something audience on RTETWO. It’s an entertainment format so it there will be plenty opportunity to have fun with it. It is intended to be a good natured exchange between two generations of women, who’s lives are very different. The last show attracted a significant audience and we are hoping to build on that.

We are casting until the middle of next week and are keen to speak to as many ladies as possible. Filming will take place during February and March. There is a fee for each participant.

Thanks very much,

Traolach Ó Murchú