A new 6 week set of fitness classes starts next week in the Gaiety School with personal trainer David Gowing.
An actor’s body is their finest instrument and needs to be ready for any demand a role may require. These fun and challenging classes are perfect for actors as they will help develop your fitness, strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, agility and coordination. You will also develop a greater awareness and control of your body as it becomes leaner and fitter.
Starts Tuesday 10th January.
Two classes per week (Tuesdays & Thursdays) at 6:10pm – 6:55pm both days. The cost is €100 for 12 classes. Discount available for students.
To reserve your place contact David on 083 437 6955 / email gowing.david@gmail.com OR go to www.DavidGowing.com for further details.