Wandering Star Productions

Are inviting YOU to write an original piece of theatre
to be performed in their first selection of short plays.

The Rules.

1. The play(s) should be between anywhere between 2 and 10 minutes
long (or 2-10 pages as a rough guide)

2. Maximum 4 characters in the action.

That’s it!

Bet you’ve still got some questions though, right? See if this answers them for you!

1. How do I submit a play?!
    You can submit your play by emailing it to wandering.star09@gmail.com

2. How long do I have to write my masterpiece?!

    The deadline for submissions is Friday Jan 13th

3. When will I know if my play gets picked?

    You will be notified by the end of January if yours will be performed in our first,
     hopefully annual event!

4. When will this event take place?

    The selection of plays will be performed in a venue in Cork City in the Spring.