Cork Screen Comission

The Cork Screen Comission launched on the 11th of November. They are building up a database of cast/crew in the Cork region. please check out their website on
An extract from the website:

‘The Cork Screen Commission is a one-stop shop for all your film needs in Cork City and County. It helps film and television producers find, secure and make the best use of Cork’s magnificent locations. So get in touch now and see how we can help you!

Cork Screen Commission also houses an extensive database of Cork-based film professionals, including cast and crew; film services and film production companies.

The Cork Screen Commission works to develop, recognize and promote film activities in Cork City and County, while also working to promote the area as a film destination. It also works with the local film community to support local projects with significant ties to the area.

Cork Screen Commission is jointly funded by Cork City Council and Cork County Council under the auspices of the Cork Film Centre.