Set in a prison that could be in any country that continues to practice capital
punishment, “Cell Walkers” examines the conscience of a prisoner whose execution day is
upon him. After a sleepless night, Number 5 sits contemplating his fate. As 7 and 9 in the
cells beside him wake and the Guard enters, 5 begins to sense that all is not as it seems.
One by one he is visited by apparitions, all with unique stories of their own, knocking
on his conscience, penetrating his defiance. Number 5 continues to deny his crimes,
determined to go to his death with his head held high, a victim of the system. But the visitors
continue to invade his mind as 7 torments him and 9 tries to turn him to repentance and
deliverance. Is 5 innocent or guilty? And what does that mean in this prison and within the
void of his own mind.
With religious and social reflections, “Cell Walkers” does not take a position on the
question of capital punishment. Rather, the play poses the questions of true guilt and true
innocence, the frailty of memory and power of conscience.
“Cell Walkers” is the first production of the 2011/2012 Performance Theatre
Company of the Gaiety School of Acting. A self-devised piece developed equally by all of
the members of the Company and directed by David Scott, this incisive piece of theatre
begins the Performance Theatre Company journey anew and sets the Company on the road to
two more major shows within this academic year.
“Cell Walkers” plays for three performances only, December 1st, 2nd and 3rd at 8pm in
the Blackbox Theatre, Smock Alley. All tickets 10 Euro.