Hi there

We have over 5000 members online from over 55 countries;  half youngsters with Learning Disabilities and half parents, carers and teachers.  We are just about to launch ‘working friends’ which is a service offered to create Video CV’s for people with learning/physical disabilities, and then presenting them to local employers and hopefully creating jobs and concentrating on what they CAN do rather than what they can’t.

www.specialfriends.com is still an extremely safe community for our younger and more vulnerable members, we do not allow bullying or permit email addresses or phone numbers to be exchanged, and the site is moderated 24 hours a day.  We are always looking for more moderators if anyone at your school would like to apply for some extra paid work that can be done from home please contact me.

I hope to see lots of members from your school and parents join us and have lots of fun, develop ICT skills, communication skills and enjoy the inspirational sections.  For teachers and carers please use the resources, contact other likeminded people and promote this unique website for us.  Could you also let me know if you could  distribute some leaflets to your pupils ?

Kind regards

Christian Thomas


Special Friends, 36a Edwards House, Talbot Road, Talbot Green.  Wales.  UK.  CF72 8AF

Telephone:  +44 (0)1443 230087