The Active Drama group are currently working on a devised piece entitled “The Pretenders”.  The piece is centred around an amateur dramatic society, who are invited to dinner one evening by their chair lady, a dinner which ends in complete madness and mayhem.
The piece evolved from an improvisation involving a table and chairs. The only instructions given were that each person once they came into play were not allowed to leave the improv until the end and that at some point each person must sit in all the chairs.  The improvisation began and thus the amateur dramatic society was born.

We then began character work creating these people involved,  giving them a history.  Each rehearsal (the group meet one Sunday of every month)  the characters grew as did their relationships within the piece.
The cast have written monologues for each of their characters, to give depth and insight into each one which have been woven into the story.

The Active Drama showcase will take place on Sunday 20th November at 5.45pm, all are welcome to come and watch and celebrate with us our very first showcase!

Clare Maguire – Active Drama Tutor