After our usual warm up, again showing our group prowess with ball throwing and catching, we worked on our energy levels, to try to get them maximised for the class ahead. This consisted of standing in a circle, and passing a ‘zip, a zap or a boing’ to classmates. It showed the group how energy needs to be maintained in performance, from simply using your voice in a lively manner to engaging with others in an appropriate manner.
After this, groups of 2 had to alternate words to describe an inanimate object, compose a letter from a holiday, and create a story about a zookeeper having a bad day. This exercise got easier as the groups changed, yet relied very much on the partners being focused and open to improvisation.
After this, groups of 5/6 were assigned the task of creating and improvising a story in 3 scenes, with each person in the group having an external line and internal line, in either scene 1, 2 or 3.
Stories ranged from ‘A Woman’s Scorn’ to ‘The Nightlink’! This exercise was to build on last weeks stage positioning exercises, as well as projection of voice, and working within a group to produce a progressive story in a mostly visual method.
Each week, the building blocks of performing are being laid, if one remembers the lessons imparted throughout the weeks so far, an understanding is becoming very apparent, and some people are beginning to show real signs of improvement. On to week 4!
Paul Clune – Term 1 2011/2012