Week 2-

Week 2 and time to move on from our humble origins. This week focused mainly on building on our work with other people, how to react to their offers of a scene, placement on the stage, listening and working as a couple and a group!
Lessons were learned about blocking, friendly feet, use of the stage, blocking other actors, using offers in a positive way in an improvised scene, and story telling through posed pictures.
10 couples were given pairs of things, such as knives and forks, and told to improvise them. Larger groups of 4 were then chosen, and finally 2 groups of 10, an object was given, and one by one the groups completed the object!
Fairytales were chosen among 4 groups of 5, and acted out in three silent, non moving scenes- essentially a picture from a book. This taught us the importance of narrative storytelling in purely a visual way. Scenes were acted out in front of our classmate audience, discussed as a group and with our teacher and improved in some cases.
It was a big progression in terms of our introductory class, and produced some memorable performances and movement. Bit by bit, we are beginning to grow!
Paul Clune – Term 1 2011/2012