Wow! What a week. I could never have imagined how intense this course was going to be. Every day is jammed packed from the early hours of the morning with amazing classes, in such varied subjects as Stage Craft, Voice, Dance, Stage Combat and Mime. There are twelve subjects in total with Voice, Acting and Manifesto at the core of the syllabus.

With so much intensive teaching on a daily basis I feel like I have been at the school for much longer than a week. The knowledge that our tutors impart and the passion that they deliver it with really is inspiring.
In the first week alone I have already learned so much about myself: my posture, where I breath from, where I hold my tension, how to stand better, that my coordination isn’t near as good as I thought it was! The list goes on and on.
We are asked to keep journals and now I really understand why. We are bestowed with so much priceless information, skills and experience that it would be impossible for us all to absorb it at once. The journals are kept so that all that knowledge will be there when we are ready to take it all in.
The course is extremely challenging with very long hours. Every aspect of your being is examined and analysed and this can be difficult. We all have aspects of ourselves that we would like to keep behind masks or walls. This course has no time for that and they are stripped and that can be daunting to say the least! But it must be done to strip ourselves back and here we have a safe supportive environment in which to do it.
I have had the longest week of my life, I’m exhausted but I loved it!
Week two starts all over again on Monday. I say bring it on.
Lauren Dwyer – 1st Year 2011/2013