Each week we’ll be getting an inside point of view to our popular Introduction to Drama – Here’s Week 1. Enjoy!


On Tuesday evening, 20 brave souls ventured into Introduction to Drama and the unknown! Our boundlessly enthuasiastic and  welcoming teacher Gene was quick to put any nervous souls at ease, and the group quickly dispensed with our fears and inhibitions!

The ice was well and truly broken in a fun way, (if you want to know exactly you gotta do the course), and names quickly learned! The fun approach belied a useful way Gene had of getting us used to direction and unbeknownst to us by the end of the class improvisation! Confidence building by stealth!

Speaking for myself, and quietly confident for the group too, the first class was highly enjoyable and over far too soon! The new school building is a wonderful place to learn and have fun. Roll on week 2! Altogether now, ‘I like the flowers, I like the daffodils………’

Paul Clune – Introduction to Drama – Term 1 – 2011/2012