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With the end of Term 2 rapidly approaching, everyone is engaging their last ounce of strength to get there in one piece.

Truthfully, the last seven or eight weeks have been above and beyond challenging -both mentally and physically. With the novelty of Term 1 long left behind, the group had to find a new momentum which I think we have succeeded, for the most part, in achieving. We’ve become our own little Gaiety family, which I suppose is a predictable result of living out of each other’s pockets day in and day out. Classes like Manifesto in particular have taken leaps and bounds forwards, with each and every one of us inadvertently challenging the ensemble to creative new and innovative pieces of theatre. Voice and Acting classes have progressed to more advanced stages, which are challenging us in different ways.

It’s great. But exhausting.  A constant workload and a choc-a-block timetable consume your every ounce of energy, and at times, it’s hard to see the bigger picture. That being said, it’s a different type of exhaustion. It’s a satisfied exhaustion, if that’s what you could call it. I think with Term 2, a greater focus is required – a focus on why we’re here, day in day out, doing what we’re doing. We’re learning how to function as actors. Not only the technical aspects, but also how to ensure that we’re both mentally and physically equipped to survive in the industry.  In that respect, it’s a little overwhelming to think that Term 3 is just around the corner. At this stage, it still seems like there’s so much more to learn, that I can’t even imagine a time when I won’t be getting up in the morning and coming in to our little Gaiety bubble. But I’d prefer not to dwell on that just yet. For the moment, I’m more than happy to take each day as it comes, giving as much as I can because that time will get here… eventually… and in the meantime I’m going to do my best to benefit as much as I can from this opportunity – we’re living in an amazing learning environment, surrounded by encouragement and support from our peers, the tutors and the entire staff. Sure it’s difficult, but that’s the price you pay to do something that you love.

Leah Egan – 1st Year – March 2011